Marketing Strategy Perceptions & Why You Need One.

Marketing Strategy Perceptions & Why You Need One.

60% of businesses nowadays don’t have a formal and structured marketing plan. Yes, you heard right, SIXTY PERCENT. How is this still the case? If you want to succeed and thrive in this digital age, a formal and clear strategy is essential and we’re going to tell you exactly why.

There seems to be this perception that marketing strategies are for big corporate companies, with campaigns that cost a fortune. Think again. Whether you are a big or small business, getting your name out there is key and the most profound way to do that is marketing. Size does not determine whether you should do marketing, it only determines the marketing methods and the content used.

But you can’t just do marketing as and when you feel like it either, another common perception shared amongst businesses. You’d have to be really lucky if one post a week was enough to capture your audiences attention. Don’t just leave it up to luck, daily posts and constant engagement is where the sales and leads lie, to leave your brand in the forefront of consumers minds. So if you’re going to do marketing do it with purpose and with a plan.

You even still have those businesses that are just ignoring the fact the world has gone digital and still want to present a traditional image for their company. It’s time to leave that mentality behind, love it or hate it, digital marketing needs to be added into your marketing plan because it wont be going anywhere anytime soon! Your letting your competitors win.

Those that don’t even have a marketing plan or a marketing strategy and are just ‘winging it’, what are you doing? It’s lovely having vision and dreams, but without a plan to back these up and put them into action its simply nothing more than a wish. How can you focus on achieving goals if you have no direction or focus clearly layed out? A marketing strategy is a roadmap to getting exactly where you want to be. Just remember failing to plan is planning to fail.

These are our key benefits as to why you should revive your marketing strategy:

  • Identify challenges and opportunities
  • Locate your unique selling point and what makes you different.
  • Get to know your market and customers – remember just because you like an idea or concept, it doesn’t mean your audience will.
  • Make decisions on real facts & figures, instead of randomly without any evidence to back it up
  • Allocate resources more efficiently – making better use of both your time and budget
  • Generate greater leads & sales
  • Aligning your strategy with your goals helps maintain an overall focus
  • Have clear results from your investment into marketing
  • Put in place clear, realistic and measurable objectives
  • Identify the best platforms & content for you

If your brands presence can be enhanced online and offline through developing such strategy, then why are businesses missing out on such opportunity? Its the one way YOU get to control exactly how your brand is perceived by consumers, through your marketing.

It adds to a better overall mentality for the owner and the surrounding team when it comes to goal setting through a strategy. You can go from being a dreamer, to a goal-getter, which is something we thrive for at Breslins. A marketing strategy forces you to lay out not only your long-term goals but also your short and medium term goals too. Giving you that long-term overview but that much needed short term motivation in the meantime, helping to build something even greater.

“A dream written down with a date and a time becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a strategy, a strategy backed by actions becomes a reality”

However, you then get the challenge that persists of maintenance. Marketing is not a one time thing, its an investment and an evolving process. Strategies and plans must continually be reevaluated, due to different trends coming to light within the market. Most make the error of believing once their plan is perfected, it can just be left because it will always work for them. Well they are mistaken.

The marketing basics are hard enough to get your head around, let alone the more complex elements. But the simple fact is ‘standard’ marketing just isn’t good enough to compete anymore. Additionally the time that goes into developing a strategy, let alone putting it into action can be overwhelming, which is exactly why most businesses put it off even though they know they shouldn’t! So why not get Breslins Marketing to do it for you? We don’t just do the basics, our skilled and experienced team go above and beyond to take clients marketing to the next level.

At Breslins our focus for your marketing strategy is to inspire growth and fulfill dreams. Our marketing plans are tailored to you, your business and what makes you different. We want you to live the life that you deserve, so that you can get back to working ON your business instead of IN it, as well as gaining a better work life balance. That’s simply why we offer the services we do.

Unsure of what steps you need to take next? Interested in coming on a journey with us? Take our marketing effectiveness test, so that you can determine how successful and efficient your current marketing strategy that you have in place is. You can even take the quiz to determine which of our packages that we offer suits your business needs best. Click here to find out! 

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