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Is Marketing Important For My Business?

Marketing is vital to increasing sales and securing brand awareness and loyalty. Marketing is an effective way of engaging customers, maintaining a positive company reputation, building relationships with customers and boosting sales. So in short, yes, marketing is important for your business!

Does my business need to have a website?

Many small business owners are still hesitant to have a website, or they don’t have the skills, time or money to build a website. But, in this digital day and age, having a website is important for any business, to ensure your business does not get lost amongst the noise. A few of the most important reasons to have a website include that it’s more affordable than other advertising methods, a website can be kept up to date with your latest business information and a website allows your business to be discovered by new potential customers.

What is the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing? Do I need to do both?

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising,and any other digital medium. Social media marketing is simply an aspect of digital marketing. Digital marketing goes beyond the internet and utilises offline media as well as online, whereas social media marketing simply focuses on the specific platforms, therefore, to really get to grips with marketing, you need to engage in both digital marketing and social media marketing! 

What is the best way to generate more leads and gain more sales?

Some of the best tips to generate leads and increase sales include ensuring that you are selling to customer needs, create and maintain attention and maximise your time. These are all things that Breslins Marketing can help you with! We can help you to understand your customer and their needs better, we can maintain attention by creating an amazing marketing strategy and brilliant marketing materials, and we can take all of this off of your hands to allow you time to focus on working on your business, rather than working in it.

What is social media marketing? Is it important for my business?

Social media marketing involves having a social media account as a business and using it to promote your business or services through standard posts, as well as sponsored posts. It’s a vital part of marketing to engage in! It helps to improve brand awareness, it is a cost-effective way to promote your business, it allows you to engage with customers directly and it helps to improve brand loyalty – just to name a few. In a nutshell, social media marketing is important for any business!

How much does working with Breslins Marketing cost?

We have a variety of costs to suit your business’ budget and we offer bespoke plans to ensure that our services can be completely customised based on your requirements and budget. We do, however, have set plans with set prices that you can choose if they meet your needs and budget! Our Marketing Strategy plans range from just £250, to £1000 per month. Our social media plans start at £245 per month and the top package is £495 per month. Although we do have set prices for plans, you are not obliged to pick a specific plan! As previously stated, we are always more than happy to offer you a bespoke plan with a personalised price. 


I know my business needs some help with marketing but I’m not sure what I want! Can Breslins Marketing help?

Our packages are designed with SME’s and independent businesses in mind. Perhaps you want to get started with a marketing plan or be more active on social media, or maybe you already have a team doing your marketing for you, but just need that little bit of extra guidance to gain results. – it all depends on your overall goals. By having a chat with us or by completing our marketing effectiveness test, we can help you formulate a plan and decide which package is best for you, or together we can design a bespoke package to suit your business’ unique needs. Whatever the case, we have something to suit you and your business.

I’m interested in working with Breslins Marketing but my business has no marketing department – what should I do?

If your business has no marketing team, do not worry! Breslins Marketing are here to help! As well as offering packages that include consultancy and regular meetings to guide businesses with their marketing, there is also the option of adopting us as your marketing team! We can help you to kickstart your business’ marketing and get things moving in the right direction by working directly with you as the marketing team in your business! Once things have gotten off the ground, we can help you decide on the next steps for the marketing of your business, whether that’s hiring a permanent marketing team or continuing to work with us on a less frequent basis. We’ll help you to decide on the best option for you!

What can my business gain from working with Breslins Marketing?

At Breslins Marketing, we offer a variety of services such as marketing consultancy, creating bespoke marketing plans, social media management, blog writing, content creation and more. All of our services will be carried out with your business in mind, and with the goal of achieving your own unique objectives. We focus on driving leads and sales, improving customer loyalty and increasing brand awareness. Essentially, working with Breslins Marketing will help you to ensure that your business achieves its goals, and the growth that you deserve!

What Will Your Marketing Effectiveness Test Tell Me?

The test was designed to allow us and yourselves to learn about your current marketing status, covering everything from generating new leads, your marketing plan, budget and the results. All of this information enables us to get to know your business, determine a package and generate a plan for you moving forward. For example, it could tell us that your spending a great deal on your marketing but it’s not delivering the expected results, or that your business does not have a marketing plan at all! The test will essentially tell us and yourselves where you need to focus your attention in regard to your business’ marketing activity, to allow us to generate a tailored plan for your business.


My business is only small, why do I need a website?

Some small business believe that they don’t need a website, or that they can quickly throw something basic together. Forget that mindset and ask yourself this – would you trust a business that either didn’t have a website, or had a website that was poorly designed? Websites add a sense of credbility to a brand name and provide a great way to access a wide range of consumers. It’s a way for you to keep controle of your business’ online presence and the message that you’re putting out there. No matter how small your business is, in this digital age, a website is essential. 

I've got lots of content but don't have time to create a website! Can you help?

We understand that time is so precious and one of our main aims here at Breslins Marketing is to help our clients achieve a good work-life balance. That is why we offer website designs to those who simply just don’t have the time. We can take the content that you already have and apply it to a quirky new layout with improved aesthetics.

I have no idea where to begin with improving my website. Can you help?

Don’t worry if you feel stuck and don’t know where to begin – whether you want to improve your current website or create a brand new one. We offer a service where our team come to see you, so we can see where you’re at, create a vision and begin gathering the imagery and content for you. So it doesn’t matter what stge you’re at with your website, we can help you!

What benefits can I hope to gain from Breslins Marketing designing my website?

For starters, you will have an on-trend and visually pleasing website that strikes your potential and current customers wehn they search you online, making the first impression a good one. We will design your website in a way that brings the nature of your business and its vision to life, with a lot of creative and informative content included. You will gain a website that’s competitive and shows off your buisness without having to do any of it yourself.


Do I Really Need To Invest In Social Media?

The simple fact is our world is dominated by social media. It’s now the way consumers engage with brands and how businesses communicate with one another. To get noticed and be in a position to compete, requires continuous investment and work into it. But we understand that time is precious and of great value to business owners, making it hard to prioritise such activity, even though you probably know you should. Sound familiar? Well that’s why we are here, to get the job done for you.

Which Package Will Best Suit My Business?

All our packages are designed with small to medium enterprises and independent businesses in mind. Perhaps you want to just get started in the social media world or make a big impression, it all depends on your goal. By taking our marketing effectiveness test it helps us formulate a strategy and best decide which package is best for you. Or maybe you already have a team doing your marketing for you, but just need that little bit of extra guidance to improve results. Whatever the case, we have something to suit your business.

How Can Social Media Work For My Business?

It offers a great way to get a consistent brand message across to your target audience. Regular posts and engagement enables your brand to stay current and in the forefront of consumers minds. Here at Breslins, we can tailor your posts to exactly what you require, taking into account not only the content but the frequency and timings of postings. Enabling your business to get the best out of social media, at great value for money, rather than going through the hassle of either doing it yourself or employing full time staff within your business to do it.

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For My Business?

With lots of contradicting messages out there surrounding Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, it can be hard to know not only which platform will generate the best results but also how many platforms to exist on. There’s no rule that you have to exist on every form of social media. Which platforms you should operate on depends entirely upon your industry, consumer demographic and content. Based upon the infomation you provide us, we will advise you on what platform suits best and why.

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