In this digital age and with the rise of social media marketing, it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry has social media accounts. Social media is so important, not only because it allows Tom to post a photo of his ‘#foodgoals’ and ‘#datenight’ on a Saturday night – it’s important for allowing your business to grow.

Social media marketing is key for inspiring growth, building brand awareness, allowing communication between you and your customers, acting as a free form of advertising and gaining real insight on customers – just to name a few benefits.

Shockingly, 42% of business owners don’t use social media for marketing purposes. We understand that it can be a difficult thing to do, or amongst other vital tasks, posting on social media can fall by the wayside. But it’s so important to get your business on social media and keep up with regular posting, liking posts, sharing posts and responding to inquiries. 

It’s all well and good posting on social media, but it’s vital to ensure that the things you’re posting are interesting and relevant, and that takes practice and understanding what your customers want to read.

Mastering your social media strategy is vital. And here’s just a few reasons why…

It inspires growth

If you have a business of any size, I’m sure you have a website (if you don’t, why not?), and social media helps to increase your business’ organic visibility online. Or in layman’s terms, using social media and connecting your website to it helps your website to be found, increases the amount of people viewing your website and in turn will help to increase the number of customers your business has!

If your content is interesting, relevant and outlines the services or products your business can offer, it can act as a great tool for generating leads. It’s easy to monitor the people that are liking and commenting on your posts regularly, and this shows that they have an interest in your business. So, it’s easy to start a conversation with them and potential turn them into a customer! It’s that simple!

Gaining customers can only be a positive thing and can only help your business to grow and thrive. And social media can help you to do that!

Building brand awareness

Simply by having a social media platform and posting regularly, you’re building your level of brand awareness. More people will find your business through social media than without it, simply through other people engaging with the posts, and in turn building brand awareness. It can help customers discover you, who otherwise may not have. This is particularly true with Instagram, with 60% of users saying they discover new businesses on the platform regularly.

Using social media really helps to humanise your business, as it gives it a tone of voice and almost a personality. You can use posts to display your brand values, show your trustworthy-ness and directly communicate with customers – creating a real connection with followers.

Regular posting on social media help to keep you in the eye of the customer, so if they’re ever in need of something that your business offers, you’ll be their first point-of-call!

Building brand awareness is likely to result in more customers, and not only that, it can help you to develop a brand personality, to help you keep your vision and goals in sight.

Allows communication

Using social media marketing and utilising the messaging services that all platforms have allows you to directly communicate with customers. You can respond to inquiries, deal with any urgent issues or give support where needed. It’s much quicker and more convenient than having to process inquiries through an online booking system, or emailing back and forth with a customer, and allows you to quickly respond to inquiries wherever you are, meaning you don’t have to be sat in front of a computer all day to be able to talk to your customers!

Not only can you communicate directly with customers through social media, you can easily manage your own reputation and the information that is being published about your business, ensuring it is always in-line with your values and vision, and directly responding to any negative comments to gain feedback for improvements and resolve issues, even in crisis situations.

Direct communication through social media can help your business to efficiently respond to inquiries, and quickly deal with any issues, on an easy-to-use and convenient platform.

Gain insight

Clever use of social media can help you to paint a picture of your target customer, and to really understand them. It’s easy to follow customers on social media or follow consumers back if they follow your business’ account. This simple yet effective method can help you to understand your target customer and gain insight on them, and the information collected can be used to create an effective marketing strategy for the future.

Not only can you gain insight on customers, you can also gain insight on how your business is being perceived, and what people are saying about it. Using tools like Facebook reviews and monitoring comments on your posts can help you to understand what people think of your business and if there are any ways that you can improve to achieve more success.

Whatever industry you’re operating in, it’s so important to keep up to date with the latest news, so you can be properly informed about new trends or news that could affect your business. Social media can help you to do this! All the major social media platforms allow you to keep up with whatever topic you choose. You can do this by following relevant news channels, following hashtags or simply searching hashtags to find relevant information. By doing this, you can rest assured that you’ll be one of the first to know about important news within your industry and always be in the loop!

At Breslins Marketing, our focus for your social media strategy is to inspire growth and fulfil dreams. Our social media plans are tailored to you, your business and what makes you different. We want you to live the life that you deserve, so that you can get back to working ON your business instead of IN it, as well as gaining a better work life balance. That’s simply why we offer the services we do.

Unsure of what steps you need to take next? Interested in coming on a journey with us? Take our social media review, so that you can determine how successful and efficient your current social media strategy is. You can then take the test to determine which one of our packages suits your needs best!



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